Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NaPoWriMo #28 - Before You

National Poetry Month Prompt #28 - Intuition
        Take a moment to remember a breakthrough moment in your life or a “freeze-frame” moment from long, long ago. An “a-ha” or an “epiphany” moment or a moment that has a story yet to tell.

        Let’s prepare to write a poem using our intuition intentionally today. Write this prompt on your page: “When I remember my “a-ha moment” from my past, I understand the place I am meant to go with my words and poetry today is … ”
        Restate the prompt as you free-write and don’t write a poem yet. Instead, go about your business of the day purposefully not writing a poem.
        Notice surprising turns of phrases you hear. Listen to people who say things to you that seem especially surprising, lyrics to songs. Eavesdrop intentionally. Wait for at least 2 hours and then write your poem from the words your intuition and your free-writing gave you.

Before You

before there was you -
when I was young and alone
I dreamed you would come
my knight in shining armor -
saved by never ending love

©Bridget Nutting, 2010

I always knew my "prince" would come.  That "knowing" sustained me through many turbulous times and gave my the strength to resist others along the way who would be prince.