Monday, April 26, 2010

NaPoWriMo #26 - The Face of Love

National Poetry Month Prompt #26 (From ReadWritePoem) - Get Scrappy
        It’s getting late in the month, and finishing NaPoWriMo is going to take every bit of resourcefulness you have. Jill Crammond Wickham reminds us about the bits and pieces of poems we may be carrying around.

        Today, before you start writing, you need to do some digging. Dig through your backpack, purse or desk drawer and find a scrap of poem written on an old envelope or bank deposit slip. Unearth an old journal or notebook.
        Find a poem that you started, or perhaps one you abandoned. Read it through. Highlight the lines or phrases that please you. Do not cross anything out (yet)! You now have two choices: finish the poem or take the parts you like and begin a brand new piece.
        If NaPoWriMo has you a little crazy, there is a third option: take the parts you don’t like and use them to inspire a new poem.

The Face Of Love

the lines on your face
provide a map of our lives –
proof of happiness –
a testament to sorrow –
a record for tomorrow

©Bridget Nutting, 2010