Saturday, April 24, 2010

NaPoWriMo #24 - The Siren's Lair

National Poetry Month Prompt #24 (From ReadWritePoem) - Find a Phrase
        With words like codswallop, it’s clear that Read Write Poem member Marie Gauthier means business! Now is not the time to let your NaPoWriMo work ethic slack.
        Clichés, idioms, what-have-you. As points of inspiration, you might think they’re dead in the water, but that’s a load of codswallop. Time spent investigating word origins is never time wasted.

        So for today’s prompt, travel a while on The Phrase Finder website until you find the phrase or phrase origin that most interests you.
        There are no hard and fast rules. The Phrase Finder has phrases from the Bible, from Shakespeare, phrases coined at sea, something for every taste. Take some notes, do a free-write or three, and see where a little word exploration takes you.

The Siren’s Lair

Beware ye, young men,
Of the siren’s lair
Sculptured bodies
And flowing hair,
Songs sang sweeter that the rarest bird
Don’t believe the lies you’ve heard
She’ll sing the songs you want to hear.
She’ll tell you you’re the greatest;
No one else is as dear…
Your body will be her playground,
You’ll go places you’ve never been.
Her games will be so exciting,
But you’ll never, ever win.
Finally, when she tires of you,
And it’s time for her to go,
Beware the final deed she does -
She’ll relieve you of your soul.
So, listen to the stories, son,
Of men and ships and whales,
But heed the siren and her lair…
Thereby hangs a tale.

©Bridget Nutting, 2010

(Image borrowed from the internet.  "Thereby hangs a tale" - From Shakespeare's "As you Like It.")

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